Why Kropat Interior Design?


When I transform your space, I create a unique environment that you can connect to and feel comfortable in. I take the time to listen to your preferences, needs and determine the experiences you envision for your space. I create a space that is customized for you and for your budget. Functionality is as important in my design philosophy as appearance. Excellent design is a weaving of the visual with the practical. A well designed space will stand up to the test of time in style, durability and function. To achieve these goals I carefully consider the interplay of shape, color, lighting, texture, material and style to create a design for your life!

I can help you make the best decisions the first time. Whether you are choosing a paint color for one room or remodeling a whole house, mistakes are costly and disappointing. I will help you choose the fabrics, style, colors and materials that best complement your life style and fit your budget. 

Choices are made from what we know. It is impossible in a world of constant change to be aware of all the possibilities that are available to you. I will advise you on options that you may not have considered. I will help you narrow down the vast possibilities to choices that fit you and your lifestyle.

I can recommend licensed professionals that I have used for years and trust, such as general contractors, electricians, painters, upholsterers, tile installers and countertop fabricators. During the design process, I can also recommend products and the most reputable places to purchase products. As a trade professional I am able to pass on discounts to you and save you money. In addition to the design, I can also manage your project from demolition to the finished result.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design and a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Electrical Engineering, I have the creative skills to design unique spaces along with the technical skills to assure that these spaces are functional, attractive and maintainable. In addition to my formal education, extensive international travel has given me insight into other cultures and an open mind to embrace the variety of options for using space. I get inspirations and solutions for my designs all around me; sometimes in the most unexpected places. I am always taking in the environments I am in and learn from every experience. As my client, you can have full confidence in my ability to deliver a space that exceeds your expectations.